Monthly Archives: February 2013

Duke’s friends

Please pray for two of Dukes friends who are seeking Father in their lives.  One had a dream and was seeking undestanding and believes that it was Father drawing her unto Himself.  He also has a second friend on facebook who is also interested in knowing more about Kingdom things.Continue Reading

Please keep Isaac’s friend Michael in your prayers.  He is reading Sam’s book “My Father, My Father” that Isaac gave to him.  He knows the God, but is new to the father/son relationship.  Pray also for Isaac as he shared with Michael.Continue Reading


From Al Bass: To re-define worship: re is to go back to the original plan. God had an original plan for worship. He has already made the sacrifice. Jesus is the model! Was Jesus ever in a worship service? How did the model worship? He came to do the will of the Father! What is…Continue Reading