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Commanding Your Morning – Part 11

Commanding Your Morning – Part 11

Applying the Discipline of Kingdom Living

After a period of successful ministry, Jesus orchestrated a new object lesson for his disciples.  He wanted to expose them to the discipline of kingdom living—for kingdom living demands disciplined effort, strategic prayer, and divine awareness.  Prior to every great kingdom event demonstrated by Jesus, the Bible indicates that he spent a minimum of ten to twelve hours in prayer.  Jesus was establishing God’s divine agenda in the earth realm and downloading victory, success, and prosperity into His day while dislodging evil.  He was commanding the morning and taking authority over His day.  To command means to: instruct, dictate, exercise authority, master and conquer, control, give orders to, demand so as to receive what is due, rule, decree, supervise, keep watch, manage, administrate, and regulate.

Don’t miss this principle.  The power for change is in your mouth.  The power for prosperity is in your mouth.  The power for health and healing is in your mouth.  The power for a successful ministry, marriage, business, relationship, or whatever you need is in our mouth.

When you command your morning, you pull success from the spiritual realm into your day.  When you command your morning you give your reality divine assignments.  You must be willing to declare and establish in the spirit realm today what you want to see manifested tomorrow.  When you understand and implement this prayer strategy you will literally begin to experience what can be called “overnight” success.  “Overnight” refers to the power of the spoken word in relation to God’s eternal plan for your life and your prayer posture relative to getting these plans into motion.

God’s plans are to bless and not to curse; to make alive and not kill; to prosper you and not cause you to fail.  Praying during the night caused your morning to be bright and to abound with goodness.  You will start your day with power and end it with blessing.  When we refer to days, nights, and seasons, we are not referring to the time on a clock or a day on a calendar; we are referring to the timing of the Lord, which require neither a clock ro a calendar.  His timing for blessings is now, in the present moment, and is regulated by simple and continual acts of obedience.  (Deuteronomy 28:1-2)

According to Isaiah 1:19,  “if you are willing and obedient, you shall eat of the good of the land.”  Are you willing?

When you employ this strategy, you activate the twenty-four-hour anointing-an anointing that brings all the elements surrounding your life into divine alignment with God’s purpose for you.  When you command your morning, nothing and no one can hinder, alter, or abort your destiny.

Isaiah 44:7 “Then let him declare it and set it in order for me…And the things that are coming and shall come, let them show these to them.”

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