What is Sonship? By Dana Thompson

S – Submission – two people agreeing to give their hearts to each other. Both must agree to giving of the heart. The son is one who has the genetics of his Father to continue with the vision of his Father; and he is able to submit to the “maturing process” under a spiritual father. He continues with the vision of his father, and it is genetically innate (Solomon built the temple, that was not Solomon’s vision, that was David’s vision) – you take it to greater heights;

O – Ownership – the son should take ownership of the vision to build the House; father’s enemies become your enemies; all your father’s friends become your friends;

N – Nature – a son will have a nature of the father; imitator (like-mindedness); same mind, spirit and heart, reminds you of the ways of his spiritual father;

S – Serves and Supports – sons becomes servants in the House

H – Honors – honor the Lord by accepting and receiving the one that sent me; by bringing the first fruit (tithe) for the one God has sent to you;

I – Intimate Affection – The son has intimate affection for the father. He longs to be in his presence. Joseph said, “does my father still live”; identifies with the pain of his father; brings comfort; bound by the “spirit of gratitude”;

P – Protection – sons covers the nakedness of their fathers sonship?


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