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Tithes and Offerings

After attending  a household gathering on April 27-29, 2012 in Towson, Md, where Doug Allen and a few others shared about the economy of God,

I am going to try and share what came out of that gathering about tithes and offerings.

Tithes AND Offerings

In Malachi 3:7-12 God is telling His people that they have robbed Him.  And He told them they were under a curse for not doing as He had wanted.  Unfortunately these verses have been misinterpreted  today by many and God’s children are still robbing Him.  The following words I trust will help explain how we can stop robbing God and give our 10% to Him as he wants us to and we can stop the curse and receive the blessing of God on our lives.

In order to understand what God really is saying about our tithes and offerings, we have to go back to the beginning.  We have to look at the Melchizedek and how the God uses him to teach us the truth about tithes.  Once we understand tithes, we can then understand offerings.  In Genesis 5:3,  Adam had a son, Seth, in  his own likeness, just like God created a  son in His own likeness when He created first Adam.  We need to understand that just like God created Adam to be like Melchizedek, Seth was now given the firstborn status with Adam and therefore also became a Melchizedek.  And as Abraham gave a 10th to Melchizedek who was a Kingly Priest, God has never changed that and is exactly what He wants from us.  As the Israelites rebelled against God and demanded human leaders over them, God allowed them to have a King and a Priestly order.  But having both of these stopped the Melchizedek covenant that God had before and was replaced with giving the 10% to the priest and their storehouse.

When Christ came and rose from the grave, He did away with the law and the Levitical priesthood and the earth was returned to a Melchizedek culture, Hebrews 6:20.  Christ was the first among many Melchizedeks to come.  But then Constintine, the Roman Emperor decided to created the catholic church to further his control of the people under his reign and they then started the imitation of the old Levitical order and all institutional churches since have followed this practice and taken away the Melchizedek culture from God’s sons.  We are all meant to be a Melchizedek and to have a Kingly Priesthood.

So the tithe is for our benefit.  It is a self centered act that God requires of each of His Sons.  We are the beneficiary.  When we give our tithe it frees us from  fear and from the spirit of mammon.  We should each one be giving our tithes to our spiritual father.  It is between him and God as to what he uses it for.  We do not control the use of the tithe.  And the tithe is 10% of what God gives to us.  No more and no less.  Anything we want to give above 10% is offerings and not tithes.

Offerings are given by us as God directs us to others.  Others are the beneficiary of our giving.  We control them and give them when God tells us to and to who He tells us to.  For this reason we need to allow the Holy Spirit to control our spirit so that our body and soul know exactly who  and  how much we are to give to others.

There is absolutely nothing that God is doing that is not funded.  Tithes are not to fund what God is doing.

Here are some other thoughts about the economy of God.

Counterfeit                                                    Truth

                                   Sinner saved by Grace, father/man                               Sons of God,                                                                                                                   Ambassadors, Royal Priesthood

Re-Occurring 7 day meeting                                 Sabboth Rest

                   Levitical Priesthood                                    Order of Melchizek

       Church                                                         Ecclesia

                          Toiling                                                  Tending(not working)

     Ownership                                                Stewardship

Focus on truth so we can recognize the counterfeit!!!

It also says in Malachi 3:10 that we should test the Lord with our tithes.  I challenge anyone reading this page to put God to the test as He has asked us to do.  Let me know how God blesses you when you test Him in this matter with a righteous heart and a true desire to mature as a son of God.

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