Today’s economy

In order for God’s economy to work in our lives we need to understand how He wants it to work for us.  God has always said that He is our  provider and wants to provide for all our needs.  When we ask for things from God we need to ask in the culture and character of Christ.  That is what was meant by praying in Jesus name.  From the beginning Satan has tried to tempt us in three areas.  Matthew 4:1-11 tell us that the three areas are Provision, Protection, and Place.  Satan has deceived the Body of Christ.  Christ has given us the revelation to leave the deception and move forward as the body of Christ.

So why do you work?  It is not our means of Provision because God is, Jeremiah 1:4.

In Ecclesiastes 2:;18-23, King Solomon talks about the emptiness of Work.  As read over this page you I pray that you will understand why he said these things.  When we fully understand that we are stewards tending what God has given us, our work that God has given us will not be emptiness but will be fun and joyful and rewarding.  Solomon goes on in vs 24 to say that there is nothing better for a man than to eat, drink, and  to enjoy his work.  I have seen that even this is from God’s hand.

There is absolutely nothing that God is doing that is not funded.  Tithes are not to fund what God is doing.

Genesis 5:28 and 8:20 tell us that the earth is no longer cursed.

We need to limit our time tending  our occupation and let God provide for us.  Rely on God and not our own strength.  Take our hand off of it and let Him handle it.

The Bible is a record of how God interacts with man and how he wants to interact with us.

Sabboth day is everyday!!!  Hebrews 3:7-4:11.  Have fun all the time in all God has for us to do.  It should be joyful and relaxing in the Lord and restful.

Business is to benefit the employees not the employer.  There should be a spirit of peace and good order.

Our life is our ministry.  We have no opinion.  We represent the Father.  We should be unaffendable.

We are the ambassadors  of a culture that is from heaven, but for the earth.  God will bring the lost to us.

God will give you everything you need in the moment you need it  to do what He wants you to do.

In Ecclesiastes 2:26b,  Solomon says that God gives the sinner the task of gathering and accumulating in order to give to the one who is pleasing in God’s sight.

The Lord will work with us as gently as possible and as forceful as necessary.

Make yourself purses that will not wear out.

Teach our children and grandchildren faith.  Trust in God for our provision.   Tell me Father what I should do.

Ownership of possessions is a distraction from the enemy.  We need to understand that we are to steward what God gives to us.

Stewardship – Distribution of the resources of heaven that provide the greatest benefit.

Trust in God and we always will have enough.  Spirit of peace to attend us and it will produce joy.

No one can be in authority unless they are under authority.

Value in use for an inheiratence / birthright.

I need to be a son, God is my Father.

Grace to own and Grace to steward a business are two different gifts.  We  need to make sure what grace we have before owning or stewarding a business.  This grace has to do with the legality of owning and running a business.  Not with ownership vs stewardship of the things God has given to us.  Don’t get the two confused.  Even when we legally own a business we are still the steward of that business.  However sometimes we have not been given the grace to own a business and steward it, but we have been given the grace to steward a business that is owned by someone else.

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