Kingdom Perspective on Righteous Rule in Business


by Leon Elijah on Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at 4:13am


1. RESTORATION OF IDENTITY – Identity must change from that of an Orphan to that of a Son.

2. KINGDOM SON CULTURE – “I have come to show you the Father” so am not concerned for my provision and protection.

3. EXACT REPRESENTATION – My purpose as a Son of God is to put on display the Culture of the Kingdom and the nature of my Heavenly Father through this business. I am the Salt and Light to this world systems.

4. DOMINION MANDATE – I rule for the benefit of those that are subject to my Rule.

5. MISSION STATEMENT – I am but a Steward of Distribution not a Manager of Resources.

6. ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVE – The turnover of the Business is my inheritance, I distribute my inheritance, which is supplied according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus.

7. CULTURAL PHILOSOPHY – “I did not come to be served, I came to serve you”.

8. CHRISTOCENTRIC HUMAN CAPITAL – I hire the Graces of Apostles and Prophets in Directorship and Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists as Managers that have technical qualifications too.

9. QUALITY ASSURANCE – I am a King in Rule, so I do not settle for cheap or second grade products or services. Finery is part of my culture.

10. CORE CORPORATE DRIVERS – Love, Compassion, Vulnerability, Tenderness, Integrity & Peace.

11. KINGDOM ADVANCEMENT – We are imposing Crisis, we are not victims of crisis, we are immune to crisis.

12. PERSONAL CONVICTION – To live by reaping and sowing falls short of living from an Inheritance. I submit to the Higher Spiritual Law. My inheritance does not run out, I live from the Throne of my Father, that it gives abundantly above and beyond what I can ask or think.


Grace and Peace

Leon Elijah

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