Why Sons

WHY SONS  –  Not Improved, but Transformed

So why is there a need for Sons if we are all spurred on through the Scriptures to walk in the power of the Kingdom here on Earth?  Many, who have simply taken God at His Word and proclaimed His promises, have seen the power of God manifested.

While it appears that, individually, we can enjoy the Goodness of God escorting us into the promises of abundant life in whatever quality and capacity we want to enjoy, corporately there is still a need for Sons to govern.  Sons willingly submit to Father’s wisdom, influence, and authority.

It’s not Father’s intention to simply extend our limited life or make it better.  We are not only looking to be better humans, performing good deeds and making good choices, as we resist sin by sacrificing our carnal needs for His desires.  We need understand more thoroughly the perils of ancient Eden if we hope to advance beyond mediocrity and limitation.

What God is doing concerns transformation.  The dictionary offers this description in reference to genetics, which is what we are speaking about here: “Genetics: the transfer of genetic material from one cell to another resulting in a genetic change in the recipient cell.”  Therefore, if God is transforming us using His DNA, His genetic code (i.e. truth) then we are going to be transformed… not just modified.

From L.V. St.Clair’s book Unlocking the Level of Divine

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